Easy Guide to Anti Aging Skincare For Men

Whether you are 30 or 50, seeing wrinkles, fine lines or crows’ feet on your face is annoying. You stare at the mirror, and the reflection you see is rough. As a grown man, you don’t expect to have a smooth baby face still. But having a skin that is aging so fast is not a good thing either. Your facial appearance says a lot about you. So, you have to look good at all times.

Well, I must say that looking good requires more than bar soap. You’ll see why you need to take out the bar soap and practice these anti-aging skincare for men.

1. Drink More Water

drinking water for anti aging skin care for men

You may wonder, “How is water and aging signs connected?” As a man, you need to take at least 13 cups of water a day. You need this to keep you fully hydrated. Many workers are guilty of not taking enough water. If you are one of them, you need to change that habit right away.

Dehydration causes the skin to be dry, tight, and flaky. Hence, making it easy for wrinkles to appear. On the other hand, hydration makes your skin more elastic, which gives you a glowing and vibrant look. Every morning when you wake up, fire up with two glasses of water. Then, at least eleven more glasses throughout the day.

Don’t expect changes to appear within hours; however, two weeks of this water therapy will bring improvement. If you are a coffee lover, you have to be watchful. The caffeine present in coffee dehydrates the skin.


2. Change Your Diet

fruits and vegetables for anti aging skin care for men

It’s no longer news that regular intake of fast food may affect our health. Alas! It is expressly bad for the skin. Fast foods contain additives that your body regards as toxins. Your liver can absorb the toxins, but when they are too much, the body secrets them through the skin. This secretion results in Acne, a skin condition that may cause blackheads.

Instead of fast foods, cook your meals with more. Create a healthy diet. Eating more plants keeps your body healthy. They have the right amount of antioxidants, vitamin C, and Carotenoids, which all play a significant role in reducing aging signs. Essential fatty acids from fatty fish and seeds are also perfect for fighting aging signs like wrinkles. Anti-aging skincare for men should start from the inside. Good food gives you a healthy body. Stock your fridge and stop the late-night drive-thru fast food meals.


3. Find Products Suitable for Your Skin Type

skin type for anti aging skin care for men

There are four basic skin types, and they are oily skin, dry, normal, and combination skin. Not sure of your skin type? Here’s one easy way to figure it out.

Get a mirror to check your T-zone after the day’s hassle before you sleep. Your T-zone is the line across your forehead and down to your chin. If the line is shiny, you have oily skin, and you must use oil-free products. But, if it looks matte, your skin is dry, and you need natural men to face products. Dry skin is sensitive and gets irritated quickly.

And, if the line is in between, not too matte or shiny, then, you have normal skin. You can use products suitable for both skin types. Combination skin will have oily T-zone and dry skin on other areas. Choosing a product for a combination skin type is tricky, and it depends on how much difference you see. You can use products suitable for normal skin or different products for different parts.


4. Proper Routine

Here’s the point where you take out the bar soap in your bathroom. Follow this basic anti-aging skincare routine for men.

Skincare routine for anti aging skin care for men

Cleanse twice daily

You should wash your face twice daily. That’s one essential rule. You’re hardly ever cover your face, so it is more exposed than all other parts of your body. Therefore, you have to make cleaning your skin a habit. Cleansing has to be only twice a day. Anything more may lead to dry skin from over-washing.

Wet your face or splash warm water on it before applying face wash. Remember, do not wash with bar soap they are too harsh and can irritate the skin. So, get a face wash appropriate for your skin type. L’Oreal Paris Skincare Men Face Wash is suitable for oily skin. Nivea Men Moisturizing Face Wash is perfect for dry skin. And, InstaNatural Facial Cleanser is ideal for all skin types.

Rub the cleanser or face wash gently on your face. Then, rinse off and pat your skin with a clean towel. No vigorous rubbing!

Moisturize twice daily

Get a natural face moisturizer like Marlowe No. 123 Men’s Facial Moisturizer. It gives your skin enough hydration to prevent flakiness and also prevents overproduction of oil. A product with sunscreen, for instance, Jack Black Double-duty Moisturizer, can protect your skin from UV Rays.

Treat with anti-aging products

After choosing the anti-aging product you wish to apply, give it time to work. You are in the process of maintenance and prevention and not magic. You can get a serum, night cream, or scrub. Go for products focused on hydration, for example, TruSkin Vitamin C Serum for Face.

Products with retinol are equally beneficial to reduce aging signs too, for instance, Kleem Organics Anti-Aging Retinol Moisturizer creams. Eye creams will also work for you. They help you clear the wrinkles and puffiness under your eye. You can try CeraVe Eye Repair Cream. This product removes dark circles under the eye that make give you an aging look.


5. Use Sunscreen Every Day

use sunscreen for anti aging skin care for men

Women regularly use sunscreens. Many men use it occasionally, and some just leave it in the drawer. What we don’t know is that sunscreen has a significant role in anti-aging skincare for men. And, the sun also damages the skin faster. So, you should apply sunscreen every morning to reduce the damage. Using it every morning is vital to protect your skin from the day’s sunlight. Ensure you reapply it during the day and wash off when you get back inside.

An SPF 15 sunscreen offers the best protection from UV rays. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen and Coppertone Sport Continuous Sunscreen Spray are examples of SPF 15 sunscreen good for anti-aging skin care for men.


6. Exercise Well

exercise for anti aging skin care for men

To change your skin for the better, you need more than cosmetic improvements. You also need regular exercise. Keep up 150 minutes moderate exercise will keep a healthy skin. The sweat you pour out of your body, while you are exercising, can help your skin glow and look younger. You expel environmental pollutants, dirt, and oil that may have built up that day.

Engaging in physical fitness aids protein production, which disrupts certain activities in the skin that causes again. Exercising reduces the tension on your skin and makes you look younger. Make sure you take your bath afterward, so bacteria doesn’t build up. And, us a moisturizer for replenishing.


7. Excessive Drinking and Smoking

stop smoking for anti aging skin care for men

Break your drinking and smoking habit. This habit can make you look 50 in your 30s. And it doesn’t only affect the skin but can ignite other health issues. Smoking and drinking excessively cause dehydration, damaged collagen, decreased blood flow, and make you age faster than you should. Alcohol messes up everything, including your hormone levels. You should quit now, and you find it difficult to quit, get help.


8. More and Less Stress

sleep for anti aging skin care for men

Even if you have the perfect skincare routine and products, a lack of quality sleep will ruin the process. You must have at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. If not, you will have an undeniable aging sign around your eyes. Your eyes will have a puffy and tired look.

Furthermore, people who have a sound sleep recover quickly from UV light exposure. Correct the habit of staying awake too late. Don’t take coffee once it is past 3 p.m. Switch off your devices or change them to night mode and make sure your room is dark enough.

Also, stress increases facial tension and tiredness, which are good stepping stones aging signs on your face. You will develop frown lines and under-eye bags which can stay permanently and form wrinkles when they are frequent. And, even give you a grumpy look in your old age. Rest more, avoid conflicts, set out time for yourself every week, and relax.


Final Thoughts

Having gone through these anti-aging skincare for men, I believe you have picked out what you have missed before. It’s simple and easy. To get rid of aging signs, drink more water, and eat fruits and veggies. Then, start a routine of cleaning, moisturizing, and treating your skin. Also, apply sunscreen every morning, exercise well, and break bad drinking and smoking habits. Then, most importantly, get quality sleep and reduce stress.

You are wondering, “I thought this was supposed to be about skincare, but they are overall health tips.” Well, your skin is the largest part of your body, and good health gives you good looks.

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