Aftershaves are important parts of everyone’s bathroom collection. As a man, it is essential to have a smooth and bump-free skin. Therefore, you must be well-informed about the different types of aftershaves that will help to achieve that goal, and then you must decide on the best one for you. If you really want a pain and bumps free skin, you must buy the best aftershave for your skin.

Long ago, there were no products to treat the skin after shaving. Shaving was only seen as a mean of getting rid of hair, and not for beauty. Also, men used to visit barbershops that used crude instruments, as there were no personal tools. Over the years, men have come to see shaving as a way of beautification and that it can be painless. Initially, the application of aftershaves made some men cautious about being effeminate. Another huge problem when aftershave was first introduced is that most of the products were largely based on alcohol, which makes the skin to become dry and cracked. Alcohol concentrated aftershaves sting badly, they were also reported to cause slight drunkenness due to the alcoholic fumes. Men used to become dizzy and slightly tipsy after using alcoholic aftershaves. But there have been huge developments, due to introduction of many artificial and natural additives.

Nowadays, there are wide varieties of aftershaves for men. Also, there is a somewhat tough competition in the market to be among one of the top ten aftershaves for men.

It is important to consider many factors before going for a brand of aftershaves. Although, it can be quite confusing to decide on one particular brand, it is not impossible. There are many types depending on your skin type and budget. It is imperative to know the one that best fits you, in order to avoid some problems. Also, some aftershaves might not react well with your skin even though others enjoy them. By making adequate research, you will be able to comfortably make the right decision in terms of affordability and compatibility.

Furthermore, when buying aftershaves for men you need to consider the person’s preference. Many aftershaves have had adverse effects on people’s skins. There are top ten aftershaves for men which are widely known. Many men prefer to get these aftershaves ad they are more trusted and tested.

Additionally, the top ten aftershaves for men have put many things into consideration during their manufacture and branding. They are mostly affordable and have many benefits for your skin. Below, we will outline some of the benefits of aftershaves for men.

Benefits of Aftershaves for Men

It is impossible to overlook how beneficial aftershaves are for men. Shaving without applying aftershaves gives a different result to shaving and applying aftershaves. Although some men just want to shave and get done with it, it is important to consider the health benefits.

  • Helps to get rid of bacteria

Isopropyl alcohol is an active ingredient in many typical aftershaves. Also, they may also contain ethyl alcohol. These ingredients are often used in hand sanitizers and other products like rubbing alcohol. They are anti-toxic and anti-bacterial, bacteria can lead outbreak of skin infections.

  • Helps to soothe the skin

It is common for your skin to hurt during shaving. Also, cutting ones skin during shaving is common, this makes the skin sore and raw. Many aftershaves contain aloe vera and other ingredients which help to soothe the skin,

  • Helps to smell great

Perhaps, one of the most sought after benefit of aftershaves for men is to smell nice. The best aftershaves have materials which give off difference fragrance. Also, smelling great is an attractive trait. It is better to smell clean and nice, than to smell like poorly scented soap or like wet hair. Furthermore, some of those materials are clove, rose, lavender and others.

  • Helps to keep the skin hydrated

Shaving strips the skin of essential oil which would have helped to hydrate the skin and make it better. Applying good aftershaves helps to rejuvenate or add those essential oils to the skin. Also, it is important to limit the use of aftershaves with very high alcoholic concentration, as they might have adverse effects. Many brands use products that counter the effects of alcohol and make it milder, such as aloe vera.

  • Helps to close the pores

Having open pores after shaving exposes you to risk of itching and skin infections. Open pores makes easy access for bacteria, using aftershaves helps to close the pores. This allows you to avoid infections without excessive usage of skin products.


Top Ten Aftershaves For Men Are:



top ten aftershaves for men

Sauvage gives off a natural fragrance of outdoor and open space. It exudes the natural smell of rocky landscapes in a hot desert. Additionally, with other ingredients it contains hedione — a pheromone which is helps to motivate men. Also, it was signed by François Demachy, the popular in-house perfumer for Dior. The series with a “refillable” tag can now be refilled, instead of a one-time usage.

Although it is quite expensive, pricing between £66-£100 depending on your store, it is one of the top ten aftershave for men.

Furthermore, it was advertised by Johnny Depp — a famous actor. It is available in markets as 100ml. It was launched in September 2015 and has won the loyalty of many customers.



Introduced by Paco Rabanne  in 2008, this gold themed aftershave exudes class and masculine style. It has many fragrance notes some of which are: Rose, Amber, Blood Orange, Mint, Grapefruit, White Woods, and others.

Furthermore, the rich class and fragrance makes it one of the top ten aftershave for men. Its price is usually £50 and above, depending on shipping costs and other factors.



top ten aftershaves for men

This aftershave by popular men fashion statement, Tom Ford, comes in a  black bottle. Also, it gives off a luxurious and sensual fragrance. It is scented with black orchids and spice.

4. Wood by DSquared

It has a floral and woody scent and middle notes of ginger, violet leaf and cardamom. Also, it is has top notes of bergamot, mandarin and  lemon. The aftershave comes in a 100ml bottle and weighs 3.4 ounces.


5. Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Toilette for Men

This aftershave is an original product of Calvin Klein — a globally recognized lifestyle brand.  It exudes a sense of masculine passion and euphoria.

Also, it has top notes of  ginger pepper cocktail, and a middle note of cedar leaf and black basil. It a drydown scent of creamy suede with addictive patchouli and solid amber.


6. Dior Homme

The Dior Homme Dermo System Repairing Aftershave is another top ten aftershave for men from Christian Dior.

It is an aftershave lotion which quickens the regeneration of dead skin cells in order to preserve a smooth and fresh skin.

Additionally, it calms razor burns and itching due to shaving. Also, it has antibacterial which protects the skin from infection.

7.  Chanel Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum

top ten aftershaves for men

It is a minimalistic style fragrance for men which gives off scent of seaside forest. It is a mixture of sharp citruses and downtone of woody cedar, amber and sandalwood.

8. Carolina Herrera Bad Boy EDT Eau de Toilette

This aftershave by Caroline Herrera is one of the latest among the best top ten aftershave for men, it was launched in the year 2019.

It has top notes of bergamot, black and white pepper. Its middle notes are sage, and cedarwood. Additionally, its base notes are tonka bean, and cocoa.

9. Polo Eau De Toilette/Cologne Spray

Polo exudes masculine grace, by doing away with all floral notes except for chamomile. It has a green and fresh top note which is a mixture of grassy notes of Artemisia, basil and thyme, with spicy notes of cumin, coriander and cloves.

Additionally, it has a masculine middle note which is composed of patchouli, oak moss and vetiver.

Also, the base notes are made of leather, tobacco and thyme. It is one of the oldest among the top ten aftershave for men, it was created by Carlos Benaim in 1978.


10. Maison Margiela REPLICA Jazz Club Eau de Toilette

top ten aftershaves for men

This collection has scents which mixes to give off a feeling of déjà-vu and feelings of moments captured in time.

Also, it has peppery rich tones and down notes of vanilla and orange flower petals.



There is tough competition for the top ten aftershave for men, the spots are often changed. Although there is no particular fixed listing, the above-mentioned are the general top ten aftershave for men.

Furthermore, you can easily find many other lists on the internet. It is important to note any allergens in the ingredients before going for a particular aftershave. Also, it is better go for more affordable ones instead of insanely expensive ones. You should also consider the weather conditions, some aftershaves with peppery tones are not good in hot weathers.

Additionally, aftershaves often have nice fragrances but they should not be used to replace your cologne. You should not wash off aftershave as that would allow it to have better effects on your skin. Washing off aftershave greatly reduces the beneficial aspects.

Lastly, you should get an aftershave which scents compliment that of your cologne. Clashing scents can be quite irritating or even nauseous.




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