Our last article discussed beard grooming, focusing fully on beard styles, and maintaining them. If you are a black man, you need to learn more because the black beard is often coiled up. The hair follicle of black men is mostly flat and ribbon-like. Hence, they are prone to ingrown hair. So, as a black man, you need certain black men to beard grooming products to maintain your fresh look.

Some black men also deal with other issues like stiff, dry beards. Your beard needs extra effort and more. Even if you have the best routine planned out, you still need the right products. Let’s go through your beard grooming checklist and also recommend some perfect products for you.

Black Men Beard Grooming Checklist and Products

1.    Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

All-natural products are most advisable here. Natural products would not be too harsh on your skin. Here’s are some high rated shampoo for you to try.

black men beard grooming products

This shampoo contains only natural ingredients, and it is very gentle on the skin. It is suitable for facial hair as it gently cleanses impurities without stripping off natural oil. The product comes in two fragrances, which include citrus tonic and woodland harmony. It contains quality essential oils that give you the manly scent you need. Seven potions are completely free from parabens, colorants, silicones, and synthetic fragrances. It prevents dandruff, beard itch, and split ends and suitable for all facial hair types.

Viking Revolution is a set of beard shampoo and conditioner that contains Argan and Jojoba Oils. The product softens and strengthens the facial hair and also produces eucalyptus and natural peppermint scent. With this product, your beard becomes shiny and full of life. The solution already contains natural beard oil that maintains the hydration of your beard as well.  You don’t need to fear itching, dandruff, or irritation as the Viking revolution contains natural products. It keeps you fresh with a masculine scent that is not overwhelming. Just lather up with the beard wash, rinse off and relax with conditioner. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for better outcomes.

black men beard grooming products

This beard wash is rich in Maracuja oil and Shea butter. It does a full cleanup of dirt, flakes, and all odors within the beard and the skin underneath. SheaMoisture Beard Wash is suitable for coarse hair type, and that includes black men beards. There are no harmful ingredients like sulfates, glycol phthalates, or parabens. The content also has no mineral oil or petroleum. It is purely natural and very useful for softening thick hair. Shea Moisture also offers you a full beard grooming kit with the necessary products for bead care.


2.    Beard Oil

Beard oil that contains natural oils like jojoba oil and argan oil is highly advisable. Make sure you stick with essential oils like these and avoid products with synthetic fragrances. Beard Oil is also one of the most essential black men beard grooming products. Try one of these;

This beard oil contains purely seven premium natural essential oils that have been expertly selected to suit your beard.  The product is responsible for the growth, conditioning, and overall beard and skin health. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish your beards and prevent irritations.  Some of its basic ingredients include Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, etc. Apply Honest Amish Beard oil on damp facial hair to keep it shiny and fresh.

black men beard grooming products

Viking Revolution Beard Oil is unscented and purely natural with essential oils like Argan and Jojoba Oil. This product softens, shines, and smoothens your beards and mustache. It has been formulated to be scent-free so that overwhelming fragrance would not interfere with your cologne or perfume. There are no added synthetic ingredients as the composition is organic and natural. It helps you get rid of flakiness, dryness, itching, and dandruff. It lubricates the skin and improves blood circulation for proper hair growth. This product is very effective for beard and mustache maintenance. Viking Revolution also has a variety of beard oil packs with different fragrances if you prefer.

Bossman Beard oil has a unique quality, which is that it is thicker. The thickness allows for even coating and allows the oil to last longer on the beards to keep it shiny. You only need a dime-size to feel fresh all day. This beard oil contains all-natural ingredients that improve beard growth and fights itching and dandruff. The natural ingredients include Soybean Oil, Beeswax, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and many others. They moisturize your pores and hair follicles to increase the growth and thickness of facial hair. Bossman Beard Oil gives you a warm blend of sandalwood and vanilla oil fragrances with a base of bergamot patchouli and frankincense accents.


3.    Beard Brush

Beard brushes are one of the black men beard grooming products used to ensure the even spread of beard oil. After applying the oil, you should use the brush to spread the oil on every strand of facial hair.  Here are some durable hair brushes for you;

The beard brush is made with natural boar bristles and solid pearwood. The wood is very comfortable to hold and 58 tufts of bristles. This brush has its bristles arranged in an uneven pattern to make penetration through the beard easy.  The strands move quickly through the beard to the skin, thereby making exfoliation possible.  The brush exfoliates the beard, and this improves beard growth by stimulating hair follicles.  This is a high-quality brush and a perfect addition to your grooming kit.

black men beard grooming products

This hairbrush is dual black wood finished brush for beard and scalp. It is not harsh or hard on the scalp and skin.  The brush is made from 100% natural bristles that don’t fall out.  It penetrates softly through the beard to the skin and hair follicles. The wooden back has a curved handle that creates a uniform appearance. It is durable, strong, and makes a great gift.


4.    Beard & Mustache Comb

The right beard comb should have teeth with smooth edges and no sharp edges. The smooth edges make it less prone to breaking while combing and causing injuring on the skin underneath the beard. Some good beard combs for you:

This is essential to your pocket and perfect for beard grooming. No matter how busy you are, you can carry this come around in its case and keep up your perfect look all day long. It is made from natural green sandalwood, lightweight and useful for styling and detangling your beard or mustache.

This beard comb also came in a durable case and was made from natural wood.  The case is made from delicate and soft leather. It is a dual-sided comb of fine and coarse teeth. It detangles all knots softly and is very strong. The leather case was finished through a waxing process instead of mainly spraying paint. It doesn’t have any offensive paint smell and is an excellent plus to every bearded gentleman.

black men beard grooming products

This is another exceptional product from the Viking Revolution Store. It is manufactured using the best natural sandalwood. It is the right pocket size and is usually folded into the pouch with the teeth properly tucked in. This comb offers the best grooming experience to both mustache and beard.


5.    Beard Trimmer

Since you need to maintain the length of your beard and mustache, you must include a beard trimmer in your grooming checklist. Trimmers have different blades, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions perfect outcome.

This beard trimmer is the top picked on Amazon. It is manufactured with a dual cut technology that includes 2x more blades. The blades brush against one another and sharpen themselves as they work. The trimmer is washable and runs for up to five hours on its lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It is a steel trimmer that is very durable and less prone to rust. It has 14 trimming guards, some of which include foil shaver, nose, and ear trimmer, and also extra-wide hair trimmer.

black men beard grooming products

This grooming trimmer has 12 attachment guards that are perfect for all facial hairstyles and lengths. It has a smart LED indicator to show you when charging and the lithium-ion battery run lasts longer than four hours. The kit comes with a rechargeable beard trimmer, T-blade, detail shaver head, Rotary ear, nose, and brow head with four other subtle guides and eight long guide. Also, it is packed with a comb, blade oil, charger, cleaning brush, storage pouch, and instructions.

These black men beard grooming products have been reviewed to be the most acceptable products by previous consumers. Black men have stiff and dry beards so; it would be advisable to have a full kit of grooming products to maintain a fresh look.


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